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UX Globals

We are a company making User Xperience relevant to everyone working in the creativity sector. Creating an awesome UX is essential for the success of a solution (either a product or a software). Our mission is to educate people on the topic, create proper solutions for our agency clients and distribute assets to other UX-designers.

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UX Agenzy

The UX Agenzy provides mainly digital solutions but also products. All solutions are created in a user centered design approach so that the users get satisfied and their needs are actually fulfilled.
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UX Points App

For long term customer relationships, we invented the system UX Points. Use our online tool to upgrade e.g. 300 UX Points every month and use their value for multiple assets we create for you, like videos, social media postings, and podcasts.
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UX Videography

The moment you want to create awesome digital solutions, videos are a must have nowadays! Therefore we as UX Globals can support your success in that field, too! Check out some of our projects!
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UX Education

Our UX Education platform provides free information on relevant topics and knowledge. In the future we will provide E-learning courses about the topic so that everyone can educate him-/herself on the topic of user xperience.
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UX Globals Podcast

Our podcast delivers you news from the UX business and will provide interesting classes on UX-related topics. Each podcast will air in the morning (European time) so you will get a motivational ending in every episode
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UX Shop

As every UX-designers needs different assets like graphics, mockups and UI kits. We want to provide a platform where you can purchase that assets, software and products needed by every UX-designer.
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UX Consultancy

The moment your company needs a UX-designer for a single project, we can provide you the person you need to create an awesome UX and make your customers return to your service or product.
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UXD Chris

Hej, I’m Chris the founder of UX Globals. My duty is to make UX the number one reason why a solution succeeds or not. That means I want to make the world aware of UX by promoting it in multiple ways.